It is a pleasure to publish the call for the 10th Historical High Schools Conference, which will be held in IES “Vega del Turia” in Teruel, from 30 June till 3 July.

The proposal from the National Association for the Defence of the Historical High Schools Heritage  (ANDPIH) passes the baton of the last Conference celebrated in Mahon on to us and makes us base headquarters for this edition,  which we hope will bring together teacher mates from the different Historical High Schools in Spain. We thank you for trusting us on this matter and we hope to be up to scratch.

For years, several restorers, collaborators and above all, members of the teaching staff in our high school ( nowadays called IES “Vega del Turia” and formerly Instituto Provincial de Teruel or Instituto de Enseñanza Media “Ibáñez Martín”), have been organising and using the materials that make up our educative historical heritage. Thanks to this work, today it is possible to show the results we have achieved with the compiling of the different collections, which our high school has been acquiring since 1845.

Thus, we encourage everyone interested in the preservation of the historical heritage in high schools and those who appreciate it, to share their experiences with us in this congress. It will be an excellent time to exchange our different teaching experiences and also to enjoy our beautiful town, which is small, but very warming. Without a doubt, we will share a memory which will linger for a very long time. As you already know, “Teruel does exist”.


Rubén Benedicto Rodríguez                                        Antonio Pérez Salas
Director of IES Vega del Turia                                 Secretary of ANDPIH




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